Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Foods

Summer has just begun, I certainly can feel heat! 105 Degrees in the shade, NO BUENO!  

However, I love to celebrate the summer with food.  It's usually the time of year when we have the most cook-outs and we attend a lot more food festivals.  I also end up eating lighter during the summer,  I think its to maintain this awesome figure I'm sporting. *_* 

 Here are 3 of my favorite foods during the SUMMER, perfect for family BBQs, and parties.

1) Mojito Food Salad. Recipe! 

2) Strawberry Icy.  Recipe!

3) Chicken & Bacon Kabobs. Recipe!

These recipes are easy to make. I love effortless cooking and it doesn't take long at all. I get most of my recipes from 

Happy Summer Cooking =)

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